About Us

Bharati IT are committed to provide solutions for our clients beyond the scope. We cover  IT Infrastructure solution services cover all the processes involved in setting up a high tech and well equipped IT infrastructure. We have incomparable knowledge and experience in setting up IT labs that include labs with single entry level server’s upto large facilities with multiple environments and rack mounted servers. We also help our client’s right from selecting appropriate location till obtaining various permissions from govt. and related bodies.

Apart from this, we also lease IT Infrastructure solutions that suits client’s business. We possess strong knowledge in software development life-cycle and have expertise in developing solutions like customized CRM, ERP etc. We develop & implement customized software solutions under various platforms across multiple business domains which are required for client’s business.

We understand client’s business processes, available inputs, required outputs, operating environment and operating user levels. After studying all the related points right from client’s budget to final outputs we design a solution that caters all requirements under the given scope.

What we offer:

We offer end to end IT solutions services,

  • IT Infrastructure solutions consulting
  • Software development & Customization.
  • Web Hosting, Development & Customization.
  • Hardware & Peripherals Sales & Service. (Computer-Laptop, Servers, Storage Devices etc.)
  • Call-Center & BPO Software Solutions.
  • Infrastructure Network Designing & Installation.
  • Corporate AMCs.
  • Technical Support, Onsite as well as Remote Services

Why Bharati IT Solutions?

What is the backbone of a successful growing organization? According to us at Bharati IT Solutions Private Limited it is the need to evolve as per the latest and most suitable IT innovations. We believe in analyzing your organizations current and future requirements, ability to invest, return on your investment, reducing your total cost of operations etc.

We have a dedicated pre-sales team which helps our customers to identify size and evaluate the most suitable IT solutions. It is here that we generate the maximum value for our customers and assist them in getting what could be the best available solution in the given circumstances.

How we do it?

We follow the business model where customer comes first. We understand the business process requirement of our customer. Our expert leaders study it in all aspects of that business and audience of the output.
We conduct staff training sessions to make them understand the customer’s business requirements and develop a solution to deliver the best results out of our efforts which will satisfy our customers and the audience of the business process.
We have our expert trainers to conduct training sessions for our staff related to customer’s business processes.

Infrastructure plays a vital role in any business as in IT and ITES sector as well- Smartly planned infrastructure with implementation of best quality components gives output which is worth value for the investment in it. We have well qualified and experienced smart resources to design and implement the IT infrastructure where your business needs are studied carefully with a goal of long term uninterrupted and unlimited usage as per client’s operating conditions.

Our strengths:

  • Domain expertise.
  • Strong Post sales support.
  • Dedication to commitments.
  • Ethical business practices.
  • Result oriented approach towards customer requirements and processes.
  • Strong Pre-Sales Analysis.